Montreal, Toronto and National Fiber Optic Network – Openface

Openface uses a redundant ring architecture between network nodes to ensure that multiple core paths are available.  Should a physical core fibre optic ink become unavailable, both Internet and Private Ethernet Virtual Network traffic is dynamically re-routed around any network faults automatically, and transparently to our customers without interruption of services.

Core Network

The Openface core network is built on a self-healing, multi-layer design to offer the highest level of performance and reliability.

Montreal Fibre Network

Openface has an network of wholly-owned, diverse path fibre optic cable located in the downtown Montreal, with an ever-growing list of on-net buildings.

National Fibre Network

In Addition to our Montreal network, Openface has many fiber optic clients in Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa, the Maritimes and all across Canada. Openface is also interconnected with all major national carriers and many local carriers to guarantee you the best solution at the best price.

IP Network

Openface is connected to Tier 1 networks and also peers with Internet Exchange (IX) networks, offering IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connectivity that is fast and fault-tolerant.

Carrier Ethernet

Openface operates MEF-certified Carrier Ethernet 2.0 equipment to deliver next generation Business Ethernet Solutions.

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