Dedicated Hosting

Get the control you want with the support you need

When your business relies on the web, and you need features such as an online store or e-commerce system, then a dedicated server makes sense – both functionally and financially. A dedicated server gives you exclusive control of a server that Openface owns and maintains for you. Our experience managing and maintaining the highest performance for your dedicated server means you can put your focus on your business.

With Openface you get:

• A computer server for the exclusive use of one or more of your websites.
• Server connection to the Openface redundant high-speed Internet backbone in a climate-controlled, fire-protected secure data centre.
• The option to manage the server from your location, or let us manage it for you.
• Exclusive access to the hardware resources, giving you secure and reliable server access.

Openface servers are backed by:

• Optimal Internet connectivity, bandwidth, security and reliability.
• Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve any of your critical technical support issues.
• Secure storage in a data center protected by high volume air-conditioning, industrial strength UPS and diesel generator power backup systems, and a managed power grid.
• Excellent performance via a multi-homed 100 Mbps Internet connection.

If you already own a server, a better choice may be server colocation. Let Openface build the server your business needs.

Have questions about dedicated hosting? Let our experts answer them!

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