Why choose Montreal Fibre Optics for your business?

More and more today, enterprises use software applications that require large amounts of bandwidth. More often than not, these applications are web-based and files are larger than ever. Your employees’ performance and productivity depends on the availability of a high speed Internet connection. Openface Internet offers Montreal fibre optics with bandwidth and speed packages that are tailored to your business needs.

What is fibre optic?

Fibre optic is the future of high speed Internet connections. Made of glass or a special plastic fiber, fibre optic cables can transmit digital information over very large distances at rates of tens of thousands of megabits per second (Mb/s). In contrast with other broadband solutions such as DSL or coaxial cable that use copper cables, fibre optic cables lose little signal power over large distances.

What are the benefits of fibre optic for your enterprise?

Fibre optic offers many advantages, not the least of which is putting a smile on your employees’ faces! A fibre optic connection can improve productivity and make your work environment more flexible.

Increased productivity

A fibre optic Internet connection increases productivity by providing a faster link to the Internet that is possible with either DSL or cable connections.

  •  Increased internal communications speed via a better video conferencing experience and more efficient network communications
  • Faster Internet access and navigation
  • Easier and faster exchange of large documents
  • Quick data storage and retrieval operations
  • Ability to run multiple concurrent applications
  • Private cloud
  • Video Conferencing
  •  VoIP

Flexible work environment

With a very high speed Internet connection made possible by fiber optic technology, your employees’ work environment becomes more flexible because they have access to a fast connection at all times, even during rush periods.

  •  Work efficiently at all times, even during periods of the days where there is typically more data traffic
  •  Exchange large documents easily with remote coworkers
  •  A better private network makes remote workers more efficient
  •  A faster communication speed for video conferencing and voice over IP

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